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Advertising, printing processing delivery way 1: after successfully issuing the order payment: please send the order number and production documents to the relevant mailbox below.
First, advertisement | Printing, verifying, proofreading and transferring documents email: 3119273170proofreading qq.composure 209722609 proofreading II, Design | Planning checking single transmission information mailbox: 909523099proofing third, business circle 1 hour digital quick printing verification manuscript proofing copy mailbox: IV, website Mini Program construction materials submission mailbox: 5, business celebration activities bill of materials quotation mailbox: 309849636; 6, urgent or digital express document special handling, complaint, suggestion delivery mailbox:

[the process of issuing an order is as follows]

Customized printing and advertising processing:Select the specification attributes of customized goods in the mall on this platform.-- >After checking the priceBuy / put in the shopping cart now-- >Select / enter quantity (custom, please adjust the total amount payable according to the total customer service validated price and the total quoted price in the self-service pricing system)-- >Settlement and payment order-- >Send the order number and processing file (cdr | jpg | pdf format) to the checklist mailbox: 3119273170@qq.comOr >Wait for customer service to review orders and documents, and then proofread the manuscript with you-- >You only need to check your email to confirm the manuscript.-- >Enter into processing and production (can not be revised)-- >Work order completed-- >TransportDelivery(only sent to downstairs, remote areas to send logistics)-- >You check and accept customized goods.Note: the material processing of this platform implements the policy of paying first and then processing, and we do not do credit.

Station building, design, writing:Select Custom Service Specification Properties-- >After checking the priceBuy / put in the shopping cart now-- >Select /InputQuantity(for custom ones, please check the price according to customer service.Adjust the overall amount)-- >Settlement and payment-- >Send order number and data file | request to exclusive customer service email: or >Waiting for the exclusive customer service to review and dock with you.-- >Enter the service phase-- >After your acceptance, BenThe work order is completed.Note: the material processing of this platform implements the policy of paying first and then processing, and we do not do credit.

Large-scale projects and business celebrations will be undertaken:Contact the project manager-- >Make an appointment, negotiate, sign a contract-- >Make the first payment according to the contract payment method-- >Our company arranges the staff to execute the contract.-- >The final payment will be paid after completion and acceptance.-- >Order transaction completed

Purchasing categories such as smart equipment / consumable products:Select Product Specification Properties-- >Buy / put in the shopping cart now-- >Select |InputQuantity-- >Settlement and payment-- >Our company / service providerCollation and distribution-- >Acceptance on arrival / consumption at store-- >Order transaction completed

You only need to take three steps: a, issue order payment B after obtaining the accurate price, send documents and order number C with your email, see your email one-to-one finalization and other things, we will do it for you!
Warm reminder: because the prices of advertising / printing processing customized products on this mall platform will change with the market situation of raw materials, which leads to the customization of order attributes and specific and accurate quotation in the product window of this mall, please click the dotted line button on the product details page to enter our "self-service quick quotation" system to get more accurate quotation results by self-help, or contact our manual customer service personnel for quotation. Then adjust the total amount to place orders and make payments.
Second, after successfully issuing the order payment, please fill in and upload the order number and processing documents. Please compress and package all the files uploaded in this item! It is recommended to choose the first way of delivery.
*Mobile phone of the person in charge of issuing the order:
*Unit name:
*Order number:
*Compressed processing file:
Note: if the file upload fails, please send the file and order number to email: or