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"Bar Code payment Integrated Front platform" is an aggregation channel of various payment methods (Cloud Flash, Alipay, Wechat, Bank APP, etc.) provided by China UnionPay for banks, non-financial payment institutions and service providers. At the same time, it provides one-stop capital settlement and reconciliation technical solutions for order-receiving institutions, service providers, merchants, etc., to meet the demands of all markets and broaden the traditional single mode of bill-to business. To provide customers with compliant, reliable, convenient and full-process financial services.
Aggregate payment
Chongqing Campus Science and Technology is one of the service providers of China UnionPay Cloud flash cash register, which is committed to providing various scenarios of offline payment and cloud flash cash register interface docking service for various merchants and enterprises. Cover all mainstream payment channels to provide a simple and fast access experience.
Industry payment solution
Industry-wide coverage, as long as it is payment, it can't be done without China UnionPay Cloud flash cash register.